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We pride ourselves on supplying quality, value for money products backed by
a professional team providing a quality service to all of our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to never be complacent, never say can’t, never fear change, never ignore opportunity in any form, and most importantly to never stop being a company of people dealing with people.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be more than just a product by creating sustained value for our customers, aligning our actions with their mission and cultivating memorable customer experiences. We believe in respecting every step of the process while continually working to improve the quality of what we do daily, and how we do it.

Who we are

With almost 29 years of experience in manufacturing paint and associated products- Powafix is a trusted South African brand and one of the leading suppliers to the building industry.

Powafix manufactures and supplies product ranges such as  paint thinners; cleaners and removers; multipurpose chemicals; plasters and fillers; paint accessories; primers and sealers; timber treatment products; waterproofing products; skimmers, paints and enamels to the retail paint, building and allied trades throughout Southern Africa.

It all began at very small premises near the old Congella Power Station in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal in 1985 trading as Powermotion Products- founded by Brian and Penny Cole.

Powermotion Products was originally established and founded to manufacture the machinery to produce Crack Fillers and Sugar Soap but this soon changed when Brian and Penny Cole seized an opportunity that would change the business forever.

In 1986, Brian Cole started manufacturing and contract packing Interior and Exterior Crack Filler as well as Sugar Soap for a big South African brand, at that time.

With just a year into the contract Brian Cole decided to launch their own brand of Crack Filler. Not long after that, Brian started looking at the prospect of branching out into manufacturing other products to be supplied to paint retail outlets in Durban and the province of Natal.

In 1987, Brian Cole started assembling a Putty mixing machine and soon after became the leading Glazing Putty supplier in the country.

In 1988, Powermotion Products outgrew itself. There was a need for stronger brand focus and a name- out of which Powafix was born.

This was followed by the supply of Mineral Turpentine, Lacquer Thinners, Paraffin, Oxides and Creosote, under the Powafix brand, and Paint Coatings, under an additional brand name created known as Climashield.

Today Gareth Cole (CEO) and Vega van Mourik (CFO) are at the helm of Powafix cc, with branches and agents established in nearly every Province and its products can be found in almost every hardware store or paint retail outlet in South Africa- even extending into many parts of Africa.

Powafix has a great wealth of experience behind its products as well as an established trust in the brand however, we aim to continually improve by asking- “ how can we make the lives of our customers and consumers easier, providing a more advanced product at a higher quality and backed with a remarkable service”?

If you have visited our ISO9001 certified factory, in Durban (Head Office) you may have been pleasantly surprised to see that ironically, having been established from a company that built machinery, Powafix aims to create jobs by limiting the implementation of machinery where people are able to provide a better finished product, in so doing we also aim to advance the lives of our employees.

At Powafix we are proud of the value we place on people- people within Powafix, people as customers, people as consumers and people within our communities- building stronger relationships with these irreplaceable people to positively influence our shared tomorrow.

Below is just one of our many empowerment stories:

Fundiswa Magudu joined Powafix in 2007. Fundi started as a solvent packer and filler in the Johannesburg Branch and is now an Assistant Production and Replenishment Controller.

“I just want to thank my Powafix family, and especially those who were patient with me in creating the person that I am now. The challenges I experienced to get me where I am today have just made me stronger and stronger. I am glad to be a part of growing our Powafix Johannesburg branch. Powafix has played a big role in my growth by allowing and believing in me and also by giving me a chance to learn”- says Fundiswa Magudu.

Our Journey