Project Description


With Thanks to our major sponsors for our Grade 10 Community Service,Verigreen, Powafix, and GC Paint, we close the 2018 chapter that has taught our boys to give back. Please read the Thanks from a few of the places our Grade 10s went to. A huge shout out to Mrs Jenna Hoyer who organised the Community Service this year.

Udobo School

“Yesterday I felt quite bereft without the boys. It was once again an absolute pleasure to host these young men. Every time I went into the school the children asked me when the ‘big boys’ were coming!

The work ethic and perseverance they showed in completing the work -and it was hard work – was so good to see. It was a wonderful experience for us. I haven’t even properly thanked everyone for the goods brought in, the food will help us tremendously, my secretary and I are going grocery shopping today and we now will buy less due to the generous donations. We are preparing for a fundraiser on Saturday and there is also a lot of preparation for that so I have not even looked properly at the gifts of clothing but just having had a peep we are going to have great fun dressing our little ones. The parents are so grateful for anything we give the children so it is a very heart warming exercise.

So all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you to all who made this happen. From a very grateful heart, Anne (principal)

Domino Foundation

A HUGE Thank you for being a part of our Schools programme here at The Domino Foundation and for giving up your precious time and spending it with us, it is deeply appreciated.

Precious, her staff and our beautiful babies say an even bigger Thank you for dismantling the jungle gym and painting tyres so we can make veggie gardens and plant beds with them. They enjoyed and loved your presence. You gave them a great opportunity to meet and get to know new people in their lives and a great new experience for their life time.
Thank you for the sensory boards you made for our E.C.D centres the toddlers will love them and receive many happy hours playing and learning with them. Thank you so much for a wonderful sandwich making time and for everything you donated, which encourages us to go on changing the lives-changing the communities-changing the nation. We worked in unity today to effect that change.

Your kindness, generosity and dedicated spirit are an essential part of the Domino Effect of changing lives, changing communities and changing our society!


On behalf of CAST, we would like to thank you for affording us an opportunity to spend time with the boys under the supervision of Mr Taylor. Without them CAST would have never been able to achieve what the did, if we did it would have been very costly. They were very much inspired to get to know the work that CAST do in the various communities we work in and how what they are doing is making a difference in other people’s lives.

It was sad when we had to say our good-byes on Wednesday over lunch because they had become part of the movement, CAST. I hope that we will get another
opportunity next year to spend time with the boys.

Thank you for putting everything together to make this experience a memorable one. I am aware that some of the boys from the school took pictures but we are also happy to share some we have taken if you so wish. Last but not least, thank for the donations made.

Kind Regards
Patricia Sibanyoni (Westville Community Coordinator)