In just a few simple steps you can create  fun Easter Bunny Bowls which can be used as Easter décor or as a sweet bowl and recycled after Easter  to store some of your kids little items.

This item is a great, fun and easy way to keep the kids occupied, especially during the holiday season.

Let’s get started:

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Powafix Plaster of Paris
  2. White, blue & pink paint
  3. Artists brush
  4. Scissors
  5. Cardboard
  6. Pen and sticky tape
  7. 2 bowls or foil trays
  8. 25mm Scraper


  • Smoothen the edges of your craft by dipping your finger in water and shape the edges
  • Use a tot glass or something small so you can mix small amounts of Plaster Of Paris as it is quick setting   and you can end up wasting product.

Gather all your materials and set up a work station so that you’ve got some space to be creative. Don’t forget to cover your counter top with paper to prevent having unnecessary mess after.


STEP 1: 

Draw draw the bunny’s ears and bows on your cardboard.

STEP 2 : 

Cut out the bunny’s ears and bows and stick them to the foil tray with sticky tape



Mix 2 parts Powafix Plaster Of Paris to 1 part water


Using the scraper or an ice cream stick, apply the Powafix Plaster of Paris to the foil tray until the entire mould is covered.


STEP 5 :

Once the Plaster of Paris is dry, coat both bunnies with white PVA paint.

STEP 6: 

When the paint has dried, use a permanent marker to draw in the eyes and nose. To get your bunny looking extra cute, paint a blue bow for the boy and pink for the girl.

Once completed, sit back and admire your beautiful creation!


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