Give your home an extra touch of summer this season with our handy tips and tricks below for a summer looking home!

  1. Freshen up your bathroom

Switch your towels for crisp white ones and add a colourful shower curtain for a fun appeal to your bathroom.



  1. Replace bathtub caulk

Have your bathtub looking as good as new by removing and replacing old caulk with the help of *Powafix Acrylic Filler .



  1. Add a splash of colour to your walls

Brighten up your walls with a splash of colour – make an ordinary wall a signature one  by decanting white paint together with a *Powafix Paint Tint.



  1. Get your kitchen in check

Give your kitchen equipment a little spring clean and empty and wipe down your pantry to make room for your summer foods.

Give your dustbin a thorough clean and keep an air freshener to get a fresh smell in your kitchen.



  1. Wash your windows

Get some sunshine in by cleaning your windows with *Powafix Sugar Soap Liquid and water. This will also help keep fingerprints and dirt from showing on the window.


  1. Change up your interior

Use brighter accessories around the living room. Get rid of heavy rugs and replace them with light mats and a vase of flowers to brighten things up


  1. Upgrade you Braai area

Make sure your braai equipment has been thoroughly cleaned; thereafter you can upgrade your outdoor braai area with a Utensil holder and a mini bar for entertaining guests.


  1. Clean your Gutters

Remove debris from your gutter – this can be done with your hands or a garden hose.



  1. Tidy up your yard

Trim your trees, plant some flowers and make your yard pretty. If you are not a gardener at heart – get a garden service in to do the job.


  1. Treat your fence

Painting your fence will give your home a new look, and when treated with *Powafix Fence Defence or *Powafix Powa Sealer it will help protect wood from rot and mould.